Tidbits for Seeing your Own Country

Having a Dog.

Wow, I never realized what it meant to have a dog. Having stayed with people who have dogs, it really has shown a different life style. Rather, that dogs mean responsibility for the owner. Vet stuff, medicine, and more importantly time/energy.

Eating the Same Meal

Genius new idea inspired by my Uncle and Aunt. Cook all your food on the weekend and heat it up during the week. Preparation and clean up are so much simpler. And much faster for that matter. More importantly is the ability to use your attention/energy to focus on other things. I can’t imagine a simpler life when you get home from work and just heat up all your food.

Travel Vs. Normal Life

Traditionally, one might view travel and everyday life as different. It’s hard to combine the two. As the past week I had the issue of balancing the ‘internet’ stuff I wanted to do vs. site seeing. The two just didn’t come together last week.

The answer might lie in striking a balance. Rather by traveling slowly we can focus on one site per day, explore and still accomplish our ‘professional’ goals. I’d even argue that we should bring the adventure from ‘travel’ into our daily lives.

West Coast origins

It’s interesting to compare and contrast the East and West coast. One huge difference I’m seeing in the mentality of the people. Which were both directly influenced by the settlements that were there before. In CA and Mexico, even extending down to the rest of Latin America, there is a relaxed pace of doing things. Brazilians are super infamous for starting things late, but Californians/Mexicans also have a relaxed pace as well.

Compared to the NE where there is the Puritan work ethic influence. While we wouldn’t call it this, it seems to be a big part of the difference.

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