How well do we we know our family?

Firstly I ll say that we have a lot of words for the people in our lives. Friends, family, comrade, coworkers etc. There are a lot.

Why do we make this distinction? It ultimately seems very arbitrary; based on how we know the persons originally or a slightly higher percentage of shared DNA.

But above all else, it seems across cultures that the idea of family comes first. I’ve come to realize lately that the idea of knowing our families is really strange.

The immediate family is a no brainer. You know them really well. And extended?

I recently came to realize that I barely know, nor have spent lots of time with extended family. Case in point is my Uncle Mike in CA. I haven’t seen him in years but we’ve gotten to bond, talk and really get to know each other a lot in the past few weeks.

Finding myself in a transition stage I was also able of really connect and make memories with my Uncle Mike, Aunt Margie and their dog Max. All it took was talking, nightly football/sports and some weekends!

Maybe the take home lesson is that we have to make time for our families and an effort to knowing each other. Same for friends. Investing in relationships is much better than any stock, bond or bank.

And now I realize why large family gatherings for ‘usual holidays etc’ aren’t appealing. Too much going through the motions and ultimately too many people. Getting over 20 people at one location at one time …makes it difficult to really talk to everyone and have a meaningful conversation.

Let’s go for a hike in the woods or stroll down the beach 😀


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