Waking up for Pleasure and Gossip

Sex or pleasure: not lasting happiness

Funny how we spend a decent part of our lives chasing and obsessing over sex. While a wonderful pleasure, it is only that. A fleeting pleasure, like gorging on ice cream, alcohol or Starbucks.

Basically pleasure doesn’t equal happiness and a long term anything is not built out of bricks made of such a weak foundation.

While pleasures have a place in our life, balance and moderation.

Kill Gossip

Time waster

Basically it exists to get ride of awkward moments and to avoid talking about deeper and more personable issues. Ultimately it’s a barrier to forming stronger and deeper relationships that we have to be mindful of. Otherwise we fall into the trap of talking abut stuff that isn’t really all that important.

When do animals wake up?

They rise and fall with the sun. Yet somehow humans have eluded this schedule to pursue one based on earning and spending this green thing called ‘money’ which far too many obsess over.

We have to return to our ‘animal’ roots and simplify our Iives rather than complicate them so unncesssary crap

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