We all have time to be happy and gay

Time is Priceless but we give it a Value

I Believe that time is truly priceless and our most valuable resource. (Although we mostly squander it. ) As a result, money is our gauge. That and ‘effectiveness’.

For me the real secret was realizing that time and not money is where power lies. Funny enough we are all equally rich in time yet somehow think money runs it all. Money is a tool, and like any tool can be used wisely …and not.

With enough time anything is possible. Not so much with money. There are things that time can make possible that money can never do. Experience is the hand of time in action.

Power of Being out of a system

Systems have their place. But ultimately being outside one gives you more power, leverage and ability. Systems inherently have limitations and restrictions. Escaping those leads to the sky as the limit.

As s result, I personally see benefit to being a pirate that circumvents various types of routes. We blaze new paths that make ‘systems ‘ more efficient by demonstration their shortcomings. This an essential part for progress or evolution.

Gay Vs Straight label

Why does this exist? Why do gay or LGBTQ want to distinguish themselves?

Straight people don’t go around saying their sexuality. (Which is in reality a very small part of their personality, character, etc.) Yet somehow There are people that want their sexuality to be acknowledged.

(This seeking of approval is another side effect of social media where everyone tries to say ‘Look! I’m important!’)

It’s almost as if saying your hair color is your defining character. Strange.

Clearly the idea of gender, which leads to sexuality has failed us. The idea that a lot of the interactions in our lives is dictated by one of our chromosomes. What if it were eye color instead? ‘I’m sorry, I only date blue eyed people.’ Silly right?

Random. But funny. It’s root is also in evolution, so there is s pseudo explanation to it.

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