Friendly Vegetables in the West

Age Creating Laziness

As we age, I believe that it contributes to laziness. Rather a fear of the unknown or discomfort. As we get older, I think we get used to having things a certain way, while the stability of the modern world is great, it is also an inhibitor of change or growth. Pat of this is due to life style creep, as our paycheck increases, we increase our spending and start incorporating more luxuries into our lives.

I propose that we have to stop this progression. Exposing ourselves to more discomforts will help us change and become stronger to experience more of life’s adventures.

Once these barriers are taken down (at any age), I think people can really get a lot more out of life.

Making Friends

Simply, I think we meet and stay in contact with too many people these days. I recently did a Facebook cleansing and dropped about 100 friends. It’s not a bad problem to have, but interesting due to the rate at which we Friend request or have followers. One travesty of the modern system is that it makes forming meaningful relationships a little more difficult.

Ultimately I think this social connectedness is a form of clutter that makes our lives…more complicated. Rather than following so many people I FB, it might be better to email or call a few close friends when the opportunity strikes.


Simply, it’s the product of a capitalist nation. It doesn’t occur naturally, but is partially made possible due to internationalization, supplements and innovations in food science. I myself am mostly vegetarian, but there are cultures in the world that are naturally vegetarian, even our ancestors only initially had meat after a long hunting and tracking period.

I don’t think veganism is something a starving child in Africa or Chinese farmer will think about.

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