Finding the Clutter and Escaping the Matrix

Technology as a negative

While computers and smartphones are really wonderful, they limit serendipity.

Part of this is the constant ‘plugged into the Matrix’. We are always available. I think sometimes it’s good to not have or check our phones and let life take its course. While this primarily applies to travel, it is just as important for our everyday lives. Bringing adventure closer to home. I personally put my phone on airplane mode sometimes and limit my email checking. (FB is a quick scan, in/out in a few min)

Busy-ness and Effectiveness

Being back in the states, I’ve realized that we attribute a lot to speed. Getting things done fast, making things as fast as possible. I particularly noticed it in the habits I have for getting coffee at Starbucks or saying morning to strangers. It’s all done fast and to move on as quickly as possible. Not slowing down.

We also seem to attribute being effectiveness with speed or putting ‘time’ in. However, it isn’t necessarily the case.

Traveling and Clutter

We have a lot of clutter in our lives but none is as funny as when we travel. Coming back with all the crap I dragged around to and around Japan made me realize. Part of it is an attachment to stuff. A good solution is to mindfully travel with less and have a fund for buying stuff that you’ll toss when done.

While I can appreciate and do save things, at some point I think we have too much. Focusing more on the experiences than the material objects.

The same applies to time and not trying to fit too much in.

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