Playful Connections

Reconnecting With the Past

Sometimes we forget something. Recently I was going through some old things and a flood of memories hit. It was fascinating how fast memories would come, even years after the fact. Really it’s fascinating. I also ended up getting rid of a lot of stuff I had just blindly kept. (Basically crap.) Or even stuff I had just kept up, not even thinking why I kept it up.

However, this also applies to our electronic records as well. I can’t tell you exactly how many pictures I have, but wow, … a lot. I was even asking myself ‘Why did I take so many pictures?’ Interesting, how even in hindsight, we can’t fully understand the person that took the picture. Even if you took the picture, it was the you from that time and not the changed you that is now looking back.

Putting our identity in the past is another thing I’ve come to not be attached to any more. Rather, the person who you are then and now, are two different people. However, I think there is some merit to reconnecting to the past to learn from and have a little nostalgia. No matter how you look at it, being friends with someone for 50 years is a pretty wonderful thing. While you both will have changed, gotten married, had kids etc, there will be a string that unites you two together.


Another thing I noticed is that I really can keep to myself at times. For example, just going for my morning walk, I would usually not say hi to people in the morning. Recently I’ve been saying hi and I see that I was scared in the past to open up to people. Did I think of it as a weakness?

Either way, there are positives to being willing to connect with people. While you won’t be able to connect with everyone, it’s a part of the journey. Being playful and willing to accept the uncertainty of how the other person will react. (They’re not out to get you and are a normal person just like you going about their life.) As the old saying goes, strangers are friends that you haven’t met yet.

Life is a long series of game or one big game. You’ll play at your own pace and finish when the time comes.

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