Buying into Pavlov


These are things that have evolved over the course of the existence of humans. Even to this day, we have remnants of days bygone. The relevance to us now, is that we are currently in one of the most rapidly changing times of human history. Unlimited information access from your bed is still a new concept. Essentially, college will eventually become outdated. Libraries and printed word will continue to exist, but will become more integrated in the vast online network. Case in point for college, I believe almost any graduate could attest to time being wasted at some point (more often than not) and going into careers that a different from their major. (Although ‘Who you know’ does play a much much much large role than we’re lead to believe growing up.)

As a result, careers related to the Internet in anyway (perhaps just technology) are extremely lucrative. The era of startups is now and with the multitude of information on the web, it’s easier than ever. You can literally do anything. Maybe, everyone will eventually form a start up at some point in their life as part of the new education system.

Returning to behaviors, my question is, ‘Do people have natural behaviors that develop as a result of computers/smartphones? Or are they monkey say monkey do?’ What happens when you give a scholar of the Renaissance a computer? (And after the mental breakdown.)

Prime example is using these devices when hanging out with people, rather how much. Or maybe ‘taking a picture’. We all know what that looks like.

Secondly, how long will these developing behaviors last and what will their ultimate form be in 100 years? 500 years? Will phrases develop that reference them or things that are currently happening? The funny thing is that the present becomes the past and the future becomes the present. (I do however leave the existence of time, self and ownership to another time.)

The way we think of WWI is how people will think of the present day in 100 years.


A wise friend once told me, ‘Investing in yourself is the best choice you could ever make’. More true words could not be said. With this in mind, instead of blindly choosing a method like college, we should encourage people to invest in themselves in other ways. I myself am biased towards travel and learning about other culture. However, the principle applies to anything. (Really it’s the wonderful thing about principles!)

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