Looking Back Forward and Sideways


A Year In Reflection

How fast a year goes. One minute you’re in Japan, the next you’re back in the states. The flow of adventure, a ship on the seas. Looking back, time is such a funny thing. It flies, it drags, but we always have the present.

I was reflecting on the year and went further back to document my Christmas’ in the past and New Years and wow. Very interesting to glimpse your mind, thoughts and ideas from years past. It was a strange feeling, like time travel. Amazing how vivid the memories come back after reading my journal. I even remember what I was thinking at the time.

Was it stranger to think what happened a year was only a year? Or that what happened two years was just two years? Perception, another interesting thing.

Comparing beginning a year at home and afar, it really is an interesting comparison. Reflecting, the serenity of Americans and Japanese is really different. But this observation could be a limitation of my own ability.

But a new tradition of year planning and writing stuff down is my number 1 recommendation. It’s helped me organiz my thoughts and keep a plan without obsessing or worrying about it. Which then lets you fully enjoy the moment.

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