Getting Out of the Clouds

Interesting how a new perspective can change your view of a place. I’m writing this from Lake Placid NY. We’ve been coming here for years. But after my travels I have a completely new perspective on it. Same for the US in general.

Maybe this is getting older, but the importance of things really changes. Things that were the world to me as a kid or a few years ago, are trivial now. Things that I really value now, I could care less about as a kid. I was also realizing this as I was sorting, rather uttering my room. The classic ‘What was I thinking!’, ‘Why do I have this?’

Not only accumulating physical clutter but clutter in the mind, ie thinking, responding, and habits. Being aware and mindful is just the first step.

More importantly, I’m really appreciative for all the memories my parents gave us. I’ll admit we’re all pains as children, but it all comes around. I think it’s really funny how I’m getting rid of a lot of ‘stuff’ but still have memories. Nothing like the sunrise!

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