Reevaluating Systems and Habits


This is one of those strange things, but I’m a believer in that we’re always changing. Rather everything is always changing. The world is never the same second to second. As a result, I think it’s beneficial to embrace uncertainty because the world can’t be fully predicted. Sure you can predict a lot of things, but things don’t always turn out that way.

For example, I used to sleep really late until I learned the valuable time early in the morning. I do sleep in sometimes, but the work and things I get done early give me the whole day to do anything else. Second would be in decluttering. I used to keep a lot of stuff and had a lot of my identity in belongings and past deeds. I’ve detached from that.

I think if we just accept things and stop this idea of trying to force things to be a certain way, thing will flow more smoothly. We can influence things a lot (in the case of family, friends and children). (I’ll leave the discussion for the ego for another time.)

By starting change with our habits, we’ll get the ball rolling in the right direction.


This is a little cliqued but important.

I once saw the aftermath of a collision between an older and younger woman (probably college). My first thought was that all the old people who saw this would sympathize with the older woman and say, ‘These young whipper snappers in their hurry. Why can’t they slow down?’ And the young people thinking, ‘Why do old people walk so slowly?’

Clearly both are wrong. No one side is completely right, nor completely wrong. Rather the existence of a true right or wrong is a completely different question. (One which I don’t think there is a definitive answer.) But in this case, each party will blame the other. It does however take two to tango.

Interesting that we automatically think to sympathize. Without true regard to completely understanding the situation. There’s no way to know for sure, ‘Who was at fault’, but rather we can acknowledge what happened, apologize and move on.

Applying this at higher level shows how society can become so…complicated.

However, this can also be applied to your experience in Japan. Your mental state largely impacts your impression of a place. It could make or break your trip! Japan generally has positive reviews by expats, but there is also a handful with more somber tales.

Forcing and Talking with People

I think one thing I really realized is that while I have changed, not all my habits have caught up. One would be convincing or explaining viewpoints to people. Firstly, I guess not imposing our viewpoints or trying to force people to do or believe things in a certain way. Even if our belief is more beneficial I’m thinking the best way is through actions not words. I didn’t come to where I was by accident. I saw it and started believing parts of it.

So I guess, even if we have the best of intentions we can only make our point (with no emotion attached for good or bad) and let the other party continue. Anytime we try to force someone of something a certain way it leads to resistance. Love goes a long way.

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