Yay Consumerism!

Super Bowl

I think the Super Bowl is a great event that brings people together for a great time enjoying company and sports. It’s funny how commercial it is and how we’re all blatantly aware. I mean, who doesn’t watch it for the commercials? Interesting how people who don’t even watch football will come for the commercials or company. This year the commercials were kinda ok. The ‘depressing’ ones were just a huge turn off. I don’t watch TV often and when I do, I don’t want to be hammered over the head about issues and stuff. Just a little negative imho.

I’m by no means a consumer consumer, but seeing the commercials makes me want to buy the stuff even less because I know they’re trying to get me to buy something that I probably don’t want nor need. That idea of need is interesting because all the products in the commercials are luxuries. (We do live in the US, a country of luxury. That’s true.)

Either way, it’s a great chance for any company to advertise since all of America is practically watching. With all the mini computers in our pockets, people will be watching and Google searching more than ever. So maybe an interesting counterculture moment is to not have our phone when we’re with friends or people. I make it a point to try to keep the dinner table void of these ‘tools’.

Also interesting how the food for the Super Bowl is an example of our unhealthy eating habits. But actually if you don’t eat too much, it won’t be too much of a big deal. Kinda cool to have pot roast and everyone enjoying everyone’s food.

Credit Cards

While I’m minimalist, I think some consuming is good and natural. (Not matter how hard we try, we’re not monks, but can get close.) So if you’re going to spend money do it wisely. Charge it but only what you can. Simply cash doesn’t make sense except for psychological reasons. However, if you’re a little diligent you can also get airline bonuses etc. I guess in the end it’s a matter of self-control. If you can, then get a card. If not, cash is probably better.

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