Bio Related Article of Article Sorts

I recently wrote this for an application of sorts.

Adam was trained as a biomedical engineer with a minor in Japanese studies. He studied abroad 3 times (Australia, Japan and China) and lived in Japan for ~1 year after graduating. As an explorer and world changer, Adam firmly believes that travel is one of the best teachers that everyone should learn from. Not only is it a great learning opportunity, but one of self-discovery and reflection. His hobbies include reading, drinking warm beverages, any kind of physical activity, creating food masterpieces, and writing.

Adam has 5+ years of biology research experience. As an undergraduate, he worked at the Stony Brook University Hospital Physiology department for ~4 years. After graduating he lived in Kansai, working at Kobe University doing biological research and teaching English. Upon returning to the US, he wrote a book about his experiences in Japan and is now a writer for the Abroaders travel service. He is aspiring to become location independent and to help others realize and achieve their travel goals.

It made me think, ‘Wow, we can really affect how people perceive us through our first interactions and word choice.’ Specifically word choice in this case. Interestingly we have ‘written’ English, which doesn’t really help. I.e. How we’re supposed to write papers etc. I think this hinders self-expression. That’s why I try to write as close to as I would talk. (Albeit I use some words like albeit when I write.) I guess in the end we just want to communicate the ideas in our heads in the best way. (I guess this is approaching the no right and wrong area. But I am opposed to imposing ideas and ways of doing. ‘This is how you write.’ Well not exactly, words and language are a bit more free form. A standard has its uses. As a language learner you see that ‘rules’ really are more of guidelines.)

My favorite phrase was ‘drinking warm beverages’. I didn’t want to give the wrong idea with ‘drinking beverages’ (implied alcoholic). But since I love tea and coffee, I thought it was a nice way to say it.

On the subject of controlling first impressions, wow, you can literally write anything on your business cards! I almost ordered some but realized it was the right time yet. (Eventually I will.)

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