DIfferent LIght for Different Shadows

Blog Feb 2015

Different Light for Different Shadows

As per the annual Lake Placid trip, I’m back in Lake Placid during the February vacation for the first time in 6 years! Thanks to college and Japan I had a leave of absence in Lake Placid during the President’s week. I’ve come up Martin Luther King and what a noticeable difference! Like, …wow! Town is so much more crowded.

I was thinking this can pretty much apply to any city for different seasons etc. I guess this hit home because I’m really familiar with the place. More importantly a few small things can hugely affect your perception of a place. Even more so for vacationing abroad. While I loved Japan, the same place could be a horrible trip for someone else.
For example, this year the first 2 ski days were…well not ski-able days. We draw the line at -10 below. At that point it’s more miserable than fun. Even walking home yesterday for 15 min became kind of miserable at the end with the wind. (Really the wind makes or breaks these really cold temperatures.)

The inspiration was talking about going to Paris during different seasons with our friends. (I.e. choosing ideal times etc to really enjoy it.) Like, you won’t visit NYC during the winter unless you like walking in the cold.

Ultimately the memories are what stay with you after a trip, so making sure you have some good ones would be my 2 cents.

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