Time Related Post

Time Fillers

Recently I’ve been fascinated with time fillers and being ‘productive’. No one person can be 100% productive, that’s impossible. But it’s finding that balance of worthwhile activities and progressing with your goals. For example, reading vs. video games. Ultimately it doesn’t matter but the engagement is the important part. Being present.

Sure I’ve lost a few hours of my life to YouTube, but the entertainment wasn’t bad. It is was it is! I was also noticing how much time seems too stagnant and fly at times. It can be completely different. I guess being present at the present time and moment is important regardless.


All things take time. It’s interesting how ‘instant satisfaction’ based a lot of modern philosophies, thoughts etc. are. It’s hard to notice but that’s the magic of it. In a world with instant access to ‘everything’, we forget the process and time that needs to go in.

One example is cramming and doing papers last minute in college. The ‘I can get it all done and get wonderful results by staying up all night’. I don’t know why this is so wide spread but I believe it’s the epitome of the ‘instant satisfaction’ movement. We view things as Herculean tasks, but if we broke them down, with the power of time, it would only take a year of 20 min/day. That’s actually the crazy thing. If I do 20 minutes of this and that every day, over a year that adds up to a significant amount of time and change.

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