Thoughts of Thoughts Coming In

Standards for society.

How did we learn to walk, eat and survive?

Interesting how everyone learned to function in society the same way, yet we sometimes forget the effort and process that made us this way. I.e. being able to walk, eat etc. When we were babies, no one told us anything and everything was a learning process. Funny thing, babies aren’t afraid of failure. Rather, they ‘would die’ (in the past).

In myself I saw this when we don’t try something or psyche ourselves out. Interesting how the confines of modern society can really shackle us down. Rather our minds and perceptions of things. Children and a child’s mind are the ultimate doers and triers. Kids will do anything. Adults might say, ‘I don’t know, that might not be for me.’


I love sunrise, it’s probably one of my favorite times of the day. Nature really is so beautiful and sunrise has a kind of serenity. It’s also a really nice time of the day for reflection and thinking about the coming day and the day before, as well as how life’s going.


This is similar to a child’s mind, but rather that kids are always playing. Everything is a game. This is definitely something we can do in our lives, we take things (and ourselves) too seriously. Just have fun.

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