Switching Coffees and Switching Life

Well, I’ve gone from Toasted Almond to Hazelnut and now French vanilla. I’ve mixed and matched in the past, but now it seems I stick to one and change it. I think coconut will be the next switch. (Funny the screen just switched from night to day mode. It’s called F.lux, and it’s supposed to decrease the strain on your eyes at night and not disturb your bodily rhythms with ‘light’.)

It’s funny how we switch things in our lives. Habits switching out other habits. Foods swapping other foods. Hobbies, jobs, family/friends. Wow, it really is more or less for everything! It’s a call to just appreciate what you have at each and every moment. People, experiences, places, family and friends. Jobs, not jobs, education, laziness, energy.

I’m in a transition phase. And compared to before Japan, I think things are very different. Actually a lot of things were really different when I first got back. That’s 3 months ago! It honestly feels like more, actually each day feels like so much more. Even days I’m not doing much or being ‘productive’ feel super long. I’m definitely more aware of my urges and am working towards traveling.

Recently unplugged from FB as an experiment. It’s possible to reactivate your account. Actually, I’ve already caught myself a few times, as well as trying to play games on my phone (I deleted Ascension, the main game I…’m slightly addicted to.) Maybe this new feeling is the lifting of the ‘social media’ burden. In hindsight, I should maybe have not deactivated so that my account could still receive messages. But that’s hindsight and maybe messages will be there when I get back. Of course extremes are …not good but it’s something to try. Just like my ‘no alcohol’ or rather being mindful and limiting alcohol. (this includes soda and sweets. Success with soda, but I still have been snacking. Lately it’s the midnight snack that’s been getting me. I’m very good at rationalizing trying to keep my metabolism. But I really shouldn’t worry too much about it, since my metabolism will start again in the morning. Greek yogurt with cinnamon is my new indulgent.

Another philosophy that I employ is ‘don’t give a fuck’. And I’ve noticed I do it more in certain types of situations or after I reach a level of frustrated-ness. Guess it’s all a process.

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