Birthday Post Yay

It’s funny. Blessing come in some many shapes in form. Does it really matter the type of act? I don’t think so, since everyone has their own way to express their kindness/thinking of you. I thought of this from my birthday since I got so many kinds of gifts.

But most of all was to see people. The most fun was just having people over. The same for all the wishes from FB.

It was a weird feeling of contentness and completeness. Devoid of any wanting and just enjoying the moment for what it was and who was there. No emotion attached to people being there or not. Probably the most serene birthday I’ve had.

Friends old and new, just enjoying some time together, just being.  Interesting with the FB wishes, great to get them from people all over. I also want to be careful not to judge nor expect anything. Whatever gift someone is willing to give, to willingly and happily receive and be thankful for it.

From Starbucks latte, to time with friends, eating and drinking with friends. A thanks to everyone involved and who wished me a happy happy, came by or did anything!

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