Reflections on a Month of Travel 

In classic fashion some thoughts at the end of my trip. (4th to Japan) (And of course the trip was enjoyable)

At this point I’ve basically lived in Japan at multiple points. I’m comfortable in Japan for a bunch of reasons and overall can see myself coming back multiple times/year for business/pleasure. 
This brings me to my next point- since I left 2 years ago, I’ve only planned to build an international life. NY will always be my home but I enjoy adding other spots. More interestingly I pursued a life path fairly difference from my academic training. Even the way I used Japanese has evolved over time. 

More pressing a matter, I have friends all over the world. I think my lifestyle crafting is in line with my values – it’s just weird to realize this 🙂 
I hope I can use this not to brag but as a conversation starter/thinking out loud to help others improve and have great experiences. Literally I’ve monetized my hobby to support a lifestyle and build experiences. 
I’ve had doubts but this trip hit it home. This shit is a reality and … Basically I can build..maybe not an empire but something to not only help Magic as a game but the international community and players as individuals. Not to toot my own horn but I think my problem solving skills could definitely be of use to share the ‘travel hacking’ mindset. 

Ultimately I want to use this reflection as an invitation. Let’s talk travel, Magic, life.. Anything. I think real success for businesses and people now comes from collaboration that helps both get become stronger and more resilient. So I hope I can ride the wave with some friends along the way to enjoy the view. 
Interestingly, ONe Piece (probably one of the bigger influences in my life) has recently made it clear the ‘pirate King’ isn’t ‘it’ only because of himself. Rather it’s the work of him, his crew and allies that makes it work.

Until next time, 合縁奇縁

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